Why I like returning to the UK for my holidays

I haven’t written a blog post for ages, as my life during these past few months has mostly revolved around work, but now I have more time to spend on my interests, so once again, I have a backlog of posts to catch up on!

I recently went back to the UK for a summer break, where I spent a few days in Yorkshire. It was my boyfriend’s choice of destination, as I have been to Yorkshire before (in fact, I even lived there just after university) and I tend to prefer going to places that I haven’t been to before, rather than places that I’ve seen. The world is huge, and there are so many places I want to visit, that it almost seems a shame to not go somewhere new each time I go on holiday.

However, staying in Yorkshire turned out to be just what I needed; after a hectic few months, I found it to be incredibly relaxing and restful. I loved going for picturesque walks there and enjoying the lovely, cosy pubs and the delicious local food! It was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve had in a while!


I’ve realised that part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much, was just being somewhere where I can speak the language, and understand the culture, made it a very easy travel experience for me, and sometimes, it’s ok to just want an easy travel experience.


Whilst travelling to other countries is still more exciting to me, sometimes it’s refreshing just to have a rest whilst on holiday and to not have to think about communicating in an unfamiliar language or to have to deal with unfamiliar customs.

Of course, hearing different languages and experiencing the unfamiliar can be a very rewarding part of travel, and I’m still very much interested in travelling abroad (I’m off to Bruges in October, wahoo!) but living as an expat has certainly given me a new appreciation for travelling around the UK, as it makes a nice change from constantly having to struggle in a language that I’m not that confident in on a day to day basis.

After over a year of living in Switzerland, I still find myself stumbling when I’m asked a question or when someone speaks too quickly in Swiss German (which is especially difficult for me, as conventional wisdom dictates that I learn High German here first, which is actually a very different language) so it was certainly refreshing to be able to converse like an adult with the public for once, rather than like a lost toddler, whilst I was on holiday. I should note that I’m lucky that all my jobs require that I speak English here, so I certainly don’t have to struggle as much as expats who are required to speak the local language for work!

After such a good trip to Yorkshire, I think I will make the UK a regular travel destination for me, for whenever I’m looking for a slice of comfortable, easy travel. The UK does have a lot of interesting places that I haven’t seen afterall, so I can still explore, whilst enjoying being firmly in my comfort zone. Using trip advisor, I’ve been checking out new places to visit in the UK, and my latest searches have included Bristol, Tenby and Belfast, so watch out for those trips!

Do you like visiting your home country as an expat, or do you prefer travelling elsewhere? Or do you like a mixture of both, like me?


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