A trip to…Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Writing what is essentially a travel blog is quite difficult I’m finding, as I still haven’t gotten round to writing about where I went over the summer, apart from my trip to Geneva, and it’s now nearly December! Hats off to people who write travel blogs on a daily basis! So, in the interest of catching up with my backlog, I thought I’d write about the trip to Liechtenstein I took with my boyfriend in July.

Where we stayed

We stayed in an old fashioned guest house called Landhaus Am Giessen, which was ten minutes walk from the main city centre of Vaduz.  It had a very Austrian feel, with lots of wood panelling and carved chairs – it felt like it was from another era, but I liked that aspect of it. Whilst I’m a fan of chain hotels, it feels like more of an adventure to stay in an independent guest house like this one; you definitely get a better sense of place when the accommodation matches the surroundings. It was also very clean and the breakfast was very tasty. I would give it a solid 8/10.

What we did

Vaduz is tiny [it really does not feel like a capital city at all] and so was easy to explore in the afternoon and morning we had there. We started with lunch in one of the city’s few restaurants since we arrived around 12pm [the food is a hybrid of Swiss food and Austrian, so you’ll like it if you’re a fan of hearty, carb based meals] and then walked down the city’s main street to see if we could find any attractions.


Fortunately, Vaduz has a lot of museums for its size, so we spent the next few hours visiting Liechtenstein’s Country Museum, which had a range of exhibitions on about Liechtenstein’s social and natural history. My favourite installation was a video about cows walking through town [as a Londoner, that would be an event that’s completely out of the ordinary, so whilst it’s probably a common occurrence in this part of the World, it was what most caught my attention.] We also visited an annex of the museum, which housed the crown jewels – though I must admit they only held our attention for about five minutes as there weren’t many of them – the collection at Tower of London are infinitely more impressive.

In the evening we were so full from our meal [the portions were very generous] that we went to walk it off by the Rhine river, which divides Switzerland from Liechtenstein. In fact, we actually walked into Switzerland, as it was literally the other side of the river. We went past a sign that showed Liechtenstein in one direction, and Switzerland in the other. [We took a photo of it, but since I look strange in the picture I won’t post it here…I know I’m vain].

The next morning we walked the very steep path up to Vaduz’ most famous landmark, the castle. It was quite possibly the prettiest castle I’ve ever seen, I loved its setting and how well it has been preserved, though different parts of it were built in different periods, the oldest part dates back to the 12th century. We did not want to pay to go in, but we were happy enough just to see how it looked from the outside.


We also visited Liechtenstein’s stamp museum [which I thought would showcase stamps from around the world] but from what I remember it only really showed stamps that been designed in Liechtenstein, which was a bit disappointing really as it’s a bit too niche to be of much interest to most people.

I enjoyed visiting Liechtenstein, it felt very similar to Switzerland, and it was fun going somewhere that isn’t on too many people’s radar. That said, I think you could easily do Vaduz in just a day, and leave feeling satisfied that you had seen what it had to offer, unless you ventured further afield. I wouldn’t recommend taking a long break in Vaduz, as you would fast run out of things to do there due to its size!

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