A Trip to…Constance, Germany

At the moment I’m only working 12 hours a week, which leaves me a lot of time to go exploring, and as I said in this post, living in Switzerland means I’m in a prime position to see more of Europe. So, last week I decided to pop over to Konstanz in Germany, since it’s less than  two hours away from where I live by train. I love the novelty of being able to visit another country for a day trip, I think I’ve only ever done it once before, when I was a kid we drove from Chester in England to Wales for the day, but that was at least 20 years ago! Normally when I visit another country I stay over for a minimum of one night.

I have been to Germany before, three times in fact; to Berlin for a school trip, to Cologne and the surrounding area also for a school trip and to Dortmund [I thought it would be cheaper to stop for a night in Dortmund than fly direct to the UK from Poland…but in fact it wasn’t at all]. I think Konstanz might be the place I’d most like to live in out of all those cities; Berlin just didn’t really grab me, Dortmund is of course very industrial and whilst Cologne was lovely, I don’t remember much about it other than the cathedral and shopping for lip balm [I was 13 at the time…]

I loved Konstanz’ studenty feel, its pretty old town [I never seem to get tired of old town’s for some reason] and above all the fact that it’s much, much cheaper than Switzerland. Mind you, everywhere is cheaper than Switzerland, but it’s still a thrill to go somewhere where everything costs less than you would pay at home! Here are some pictures I took, to form a mini-photo essay:


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