Easy Hotel Zürich – Tried and Tested

Since my boyfriend is a train driver, he sometimes has to drive very early in the morning, and very occasionally he’ll book a hotel close to the train station so he can actually get to work easily, so that he doesn’t have to hang around for hours and hours at Zürich main station, waiting for his shift to begin. Last week he booked into Zürich’s easyHotel [purely because it’s the cheapest option in Zürich] and he booked me in with him to keep him company. This was a good chance for me to see if easyHotels were actually a good value option, since I’m always on the look out for good places to stay around Europe. Here’s what I thought:


Zürich EasyHotel is located 10 minutes walk from the station in the Europaallee quarter. Europaallee is a pretty new part of Zürich, and has undergone a lot of renovation in recent years. There are lot of interesting, shops and bars and restaurants in this area, and I can see how it would appeal to a lot of backpackers – indeed, there were a lot of places I would be interested in trying, such as a restaurant called Little Italy and a fast food chain called Holy Cow, whose name made me laugh.

However, it’s also not far from Zürich’s red light district, and the streets can become pretty seedy if you turn down the wrong corner by accident. Whilst I wouldn’t say the area was dangerous at all, I did feel better having my boyfriend close by when we went for a walk. Rating: 6/10


When I first walked in, I did make a bit of a face as the floor was a little bit grimy, and the bedsheet, whilst not stained, looked pretty worn out and was not the freshest. Compared to other basic hotels that I’ve stayed in such as Ibis Budget Hotels or Premier Inns, the Easyhotel was by far the most grotty, as they are not cleaned every day. However, there were no bugs or mould, so that’s something… Rating: 5/10

Wifi: The wifi was free and actually very quick! 10/10


EasyHotels are very basic. Though we were on the 4th floor, there wasn’t a lift, so the hotel wasn’t wheelchair friendly. The bed felt comfortable at first, but then after a couple of hours of sleeping on it, it felt very hard – so hard that my muscles actually ached from lying on it! The pillow was very soft though in contrast. The shower was lovely and warm, but the water leaked under the bathroom door and got the floor of the bedroom wet! Rating: 5/10


I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the hotel was, but it was a weekday, so that might have been the reason. Rating: 8/10


The receptionist was friendly and helpful, and spoke both German and English. I didn’t see any other staff during my stay. Rating 8/10


Definitely one of the cheapest hotel options in Zürich, with rooms costing around 95 CHF a night [£78 a night] on average, however you’ll still find a better deal on AirBandB. Rating 7/10


I felt very secure as you needed a code to get into each room 8/10

Overall Rating: 57/80


I would stay in an easyHotel again in another city, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice of accommodation if there were other options. In fact, I would be tempted to pay a bit more per night just to get somewhere with a softer bed. EasyHotel is exactly like it’s counterpart easyJet, you get what you pay for – and nothing extra! I would recommend easyHotel Zürich if you wanted a no frills getaway, but I think the Ibis Budget would be better value for money and worth the extra francs in my opinion.

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